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Eidolon (coming 2018)

Michelle Lordi - Eidolon (1k039) a digital 45

under everything
under our skin and nails
in our bones and between each cell
behind pale clenched teeth
we carry our ghosts with us

Eidolon noun, plural ei·do·la [ahy-doh-luh] /aɪˈdoʊ lə/, ei·do·lons.

  1. a phantom; apparition.

  2. an ideal.

Michelle Lordi - voice
Tim Motzer - guitars, bass, wurlitzer electric piano
Jeremy Carlstedt - drums, percussion, kalimba on (scare the ghost) 

recorded and mixed at 1k by tim motzer in 2017
mastered by eric bogasc at spicehouse 2017
produced by tim motzer for 1k
art by tilomo and michelle lordi 

Scare The Ghost was composed by Michelle Lordi and Tim Motzer
Willow Weep For Me was composed by Ann Ronell in 1932, music readapted by Tim Motzer. 

C 2018 1k recordings (tim motzer/michelle lordi) 
P 2018 one k music co (bmi)

all rights reserved